The Untold Story of Nohkalikai Falls

Many have seen and heard about the Nohkalikai falls in India situated near Cherrapunji, but few know the tale cum tragedy hidden behind the very name of the falls. 

The breathtaking nature masks a gruesome story. The name Nohkalikai can be translated from Khasi to ‘Jump of Ka Likai’ (ka is a prefix for the female gender in Khasi). There lived a young mother called Likai in a village located upstream from the falls. Widowed early on she became a potter to earn her living. She married for the second time and while away from home for long hours she had to leave her infant daughter unattended. This lead to her spreading the rest of her time while at home with her baby. Her husband didn’t much appreciate the lack of acknowledgement on his end by his wife. 

Not being able to come to terms with being ignored constantly, Likai’s husband killed the infant, cooked her meat and threw away her head and bones. After a long day at work famished she ate the cooked meat.  Likai, like most locals, ate betel nut and betel leaves after meals. And as she settled at the place where she sliced them before eating, she saw a tiny finger she recognized. Putting together what just happened, Likai was horrified with what she had done. Driven by rage and grief, Likai ran to the edge of the waterfall from where she threw herself off the cliff. Thus the name.

But is it mindful to name anything after a person who kills oneself instead of fighting back for their honour and the wrongs committed against them. Meghalaya being a matriarchal society there was less chance of Likai not being able to claim her justice. Certainly the justice would never bring back her child but is suicide the only way/ the only CHOICE people have when they want to be unburdened of the misery they have suffered???



Rhinoceros Unicornis


Rhinoceros unicornis the scientific name for Indian Rhinoceros, also known as the greater one-horned rhinoceros and great Indian rhinoceros, is the largest of Rhino species. Once found across the entire northern part of the Indian sub-continent, rhino populations were severely depleted as they were hunted for sport and killed as agricultural pests.

Having rather few natural enemies in the forests except for tigers humans become their foremost adversaries. Falling down to about 600 in 1975, rigorous conservation efforts have now increased their population to 3555. It is our duty as humans to preserve the uniqueness of the species.


When FROGS pose!!!

Frogs are the members of a diverse and largely carnivorous group of short bodied, tailless amphibians having approximately 4740 species globally.  The world’s tiniest frogs are smaller than a dime, and the largest frog can grow to be longer than a foot and weigh more than 7 pounds! Helping humans with pest control, the frogs are an incredible creatures. 




A pigeon glaring right into my Camera lens. 

Often have we heard of Pigeons being used as messengers in the past or having had played a key role in saving people’s lives during World War I. But, little do we know how incredibly social and intelligent beings they are. Pigeons are known for their outstanding ability to navigate their way through distant places, using the sun as the guide. They have an excellent hearing ability and can detect sounds of far lower frequencies than the humans can, and thus can hear distant storms and volcanoes.

Bird poop or the Pigeons dropping littered around are seen by many as a problem in modern society, but a few centuries ago pigeon guano was seen as extremely valuable and available fertilizer, and there used to be armed people waiting to catch hold of the droppings.

Interesting how things which were once considered precious become mere possessions or even waste products in a matter of time…



Sports do not build one’s character but they reveal what one is capable of….
Our Purpose on Earth is to Fight to Win to Thrive. We have taken Birth to Survive to Prosper, To Rise and thereof FLY. We should live to be remembered  not to  fade into Oblivion. Refrain from Quitting as if we quit once it becomes a habit and an easy way out for life ultimately landing us nowhere. Our life moves in Circles just like the Ring on the Basketball Court. We carry out a task for which accordingly we are  rewarded or punished. CHOOSE YOUR ACTIONS WISELY.




A Charming, Delightful Face will get old, A Nice body will change… But a Good Woman will always be a Good WOMAN …

This picture is of a poor old lady i came across in one of my trips, struggling and begging in dire need of food. Passerby’s ignored her for her look; no one cared that no amount of physical beauty will ever be as valuable as a beautiful heart. She could have had a priceless heart, but human nature is such that we don’t bother to look beyond the physical nature of others. A beautiful soul could have a devil behind it whereas an ugly-looking beggar a heart as pure as a diamond . What do u think???



Art is everywhere you look for it – el greco 

Paintings are a mode of expressing creative expressions and he forms are numerous. it serves as a mode to manifest the expressive and conceptual intentions. The history of paintings reaches back in time to artifacts from the prehistoric humans, and spans all cultures.

Often have kings and rules portrayed varied wars or celebrations through paintings and his has become a continuous flow of creativity.Governments have taken up the initiative to collect and preserve these priceless possessions.